Update 3: Still lots to do but the first commercial ROM is showing promise, Brutal Sports Football;

Brutal Sports Football – Intro
Brutal Sports Football – Menu Screen Background

Update 2: Some extra work on the Object Processor and Blitter and we have Ms Pac Man running. The original post follows update 1 below.

Ms Pac Man on Tybalt

Update 1: The immediate issues have now been resolved as shown in the screenshot below. The original post follows this screenshot.

DKDEMO Fixed !

Original Post: Progress on the rewrite of Jagulator as Tybalt has been continuing well with some key milestones reached.

First, I have resolved an outstanding issue with Musashi interrupt handling that was not jumping to the correct vector to service CPU interrupts. Many thanks to Karl Stenerud, the author of the Musashi 68k core, for his kind assistance with this.

Also completed is the first pass on new Blitter, Object Processor and Pixel Generator code frameworks. This has allowed me to start testing basic code on Tybalt, as you will see in the screenshot below;

DKDEMO Running in Tybalt

It may be strange to see a Donkey Kong screen on an Atari Jaguar emulator but this is a port I wrote for the Jaguar back in the day based on the arcade graphics and Atari 7800 source code. I also ported Ms Pac Man as can be seen in the Jagulator screenshots below;

Ms Pac Man Running in Jagulator

I have various immediate issues to address in relation to the Object Processor and Pixel Generator code as there are some alignment and colour issues (notice alignment and no white on the DKDEMO screenshot – red border is forced for testing only).

Once addressed I will be expanding the capabilities of the Blitter and Object Processor and continuing to expand the supported ROM base.

To assist with the updating of the Jagulator code into Tybalt it was necessary to get Jagulator to compile on current development tool. The last compile was as a Win32 binary using Microsoft Visual Studio 6. The project files have been updated to build in Visual Studio Community 2019 as well as fixing some of the last development code just to allow it to compile. With this now working I have a working reference base to work from.


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