On the 14th October, Dimitris from the Modern Vintage Gamer YouTube channel posted a video titled “How UltraHLE changed Nintento 64 emulation forever”. You can view the video at the end of this post.

For those who may be unaware, UltraHLE was one of the first emulators for the PC that ran N64 games at full speed with other enhancements. Although it lacked compatibility it defined the next generation of emulators using methods such as HLE, High Level Emulation, and Dynamic Recompilation. It was designed to work with the 3DFX video graphic cards of the time utilising the GLIDE library and was an impressive piece of software.

The emulator was released by Epsilon and RealityMan. The reason I was so interested in the video was that I was known online at the time as RealityMan and was key to the front end, release and distribution.

Epsilon reached out to me after developing the core of UltraHLE to assist with final packaging with a new UI, promotion and release of the emulator. Dimitris video provides an excellent overview of what happened at the time so I won’t go into huge detail here. Coding has been a significant part of my life so being part of such a major project was very exciting at the time.

Once UltraHLE was taken down I began developing UltraHLE 2, replacing the GLIDE functionality with OpenGL and updating the code to improve compatibility and accuracy although other events in my life destined this project to sit on backup devices to this day.

Moving on from UltraHLE 2 I changed my nick from RealityMan to SubQMod as I began developing Jagulator, an Atari Jaguar Console Emulator. I also ported the original Macro Assembler (MAC) and Linker (LN) from the Atari Jaguar Development Kit to allow them to be used on modern Operating Systems. SMAC and SLN was developed to a reasonable level before releasing the source to the community to refine. Real world commitments at the time also meant that Jagulator and other emulation related projects were moved to gather dust on backup drives.

Watching this video at a time when I was looking at what form the next phase of my life was going to take was quite an inspirational moment for me. It reminded me of the enjoyment I had coding these projects and moved me to pull out the backup drives and go through the history of what I had.

In doing so I saw some projects for me to resurrect and complete with the first objective to finish and release Jagulator, which actually was a pretty fully functional piece of software originally in its unreleased state.

So this is what I have started in the past week. The project has been re-titled from Jagulator to Tybalt and I am creating a Project Page for Tybalt on this site. I’ll let you Google the name Tybalt for more detail but TLDR, “The Prince of Cats”.

As the code is quite old I am refreshing every file and updating the run-time libraries and core and working on fixing the compatibility and issues the original release had. You can follow the progress of the project on this site.

I would like to thank Dimitris for a fair, balanced and informative video and commend it to your viewing list. In fact, his channel is full of great information on emulation in general so please go watch, like and subscribe.

I would also like to thank him for defining one of my new paths in life.

How UltraHLE changed Nintendo 64 emulation forever.

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